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CalArts alumni release new album

March 29, 2013

Breaking Sound Barriers with Fol Chen

By Catherine Wagley

A while back, Samuel Bing and Sinosa Loa, members of the synthpop band Fol Chen, hosted their beta You Will be My Music workshop at artist-run storefront, Machine Project. They plan to do these workshops at as yet undisclosed art spaces while on tour promoting their recently released album, "False Alarms." Each session lasts one hour, and Bing and Loa spend that time helping one person impressionistically "cover" a song of their choosing, using various instruments and digital tools.

One instrument they had with them at Machine was a little red sampling keyboard that can record vocals you make and then play them back to you, more or less syncing them to the notes on the chromatic scale. During the first You Will be My Music session, a soft-spoken Woodbury college student covering George Michael's "Careless Whisper" recorded herself saying "meow" on the keyboard. But whenever Loa tried to play a phrase from Michael's song using the calibrated meows, it sounded off. Read More.

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