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Alumnus Klay Hall directs Disney's "Planes"

March 27, 2013
Huffington Post

Vocal cast for Disney's "Planes" includes a "Top Gun" cameo, top names from stand-up comedy

So how did Klay Hall wind up as director of Disney's "Planes" ? First there was this train derailment ...
Or should I say: First an earlier project that Hall was going to helm -- one built around a talking steam train -- got derailed.
"This must have been June or July of 2009. I was just finishing up directing 'Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.' And John Lasseter asked me what I wanted to do next," Klay remembered. "As it turns out, John and I are both big train buffs. So for a while there, we knocked around an idea for a movie that would kind of built off of the steam train from 'Dumbo.' Where this train would transport animals that could talk, and you'd only see the people who ran this steam train in shadow. It was a fun sounding concept, but the overall story never really jelled. So our steam train movie idea eventually wound up getting shelved."

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