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Alumnus Chris Sanders co-wrote and directed The Croods

March 21, 2013
Time Out Chicago Kids

The Croods directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco | Interview

by Web Behrens

Co-writers and -directors of The Croods, Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco have put years into bringing their comic vision of how a family of cavepeople cope with environmental upheaval. (Hint: When volcanoes and earthquakes threaten, you move.) DreamWorks Animation’s newest 3-D film features the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Cloris Leachman and Emma Stone as members of the title family navigating the perils of the prehistoric “Crood-aceous Era.” The inspiration for the story came from a different idea originally developed a decade ago by De Micco and comedian John Cleese.

Sanders (who has a seven-year-old daughter) and Di Micco (the father to newborn twins) arrived in Chicago earlier this month—on the day of the biggest snowstorm the city had seen in two years. From their vantage point in a hotel overlooking the iconic Water Tower, the pair delighted in filming the falling snow with their smart phones using a time-lapse app. Once we finished talking about the weather, we got around to the matter of movies, cartoons and kids.

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