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School of Art Dean Tom Lawson quoted about MOCA's future

March 15, 2013
Los Angeles Times

Eli Broad remains a player in LACMA's proposed takeover of MOCA

His 2008 bailout gave him provisions, but not absolute veto, that could complicate a deal between the L.A. museums. He's also reached out to National Gallery of Art.

By Mike Boehm

Michael Govan came to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art seven years ago with a mission to make it one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, one worth mentioning alongside New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art.

Now he's trying to seize an opportunity to gain ground on them in a single stroke. Govan and LACMA's trustees have proposed a takeover of L.A.'s financially adrift Museum of Contemporary Art and its crown jewels: a 6,000-piece collection that's one of the world's most admired troves of post-World War II art.

But Govan has an imposing rival in billionaire Eli Broad, L.A.'s eminence grise of art philanthropy. And Broad has cards of his own to play.

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