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Calarts Alumnus and Director, Aaron White, showcases 90-minute one man show in Hollywood

June 5, 2013
LA Sentinel


Ingelwood's Director Aaron White One-Man Show: 'The Blood they Shed'


The Blood they Shed is a semi-autobiographical one-man poetic journey that combines the art of story telling narrative, poetry and comedy. The story is told from the perspective of a young man raised in South Central LA. The journey through his upbringing takes the audience on an emotional ride leading them to laugh, cry and reflect on some of the truths facing people in every corner of today's world. The show invites you into his childhood home of old school soulful tunes, hilarious family members, Charlie Brown re-runs, growing up without a father, media’s pop-culture influence and gangster movies being filmed in his backyard. This powerful tale illuminates our issues of today while reminding us of the power that can be used from the wisdom found in our past.

The dramedy unfolds as the show cleverly addresses issues of violence and value systems, discrimination and the dissemination of the family as well as social relationships. By harnessing the power of music, media and ingenious story telling, The Blood they Shed tackles troublesome issues fearlessly all-the-while maintaining its heartfelt candor and humor.

The Blood they Shed has gained momentum and exposure in Southern California and has plans for a national college tour and a feature length documentary.
White grew up in the heart of Inglewood in the 1980s. As a curious child growing up in an area that wasn’t your typical tourist attraction, Aaron would discover in his adolescence that the area he lived was a place people feared. Like many of his African American peers, he began listening to popular hip hop artists of the day as well as found himself spending countless hours being entertained by MTV. Read More

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