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Room number for CalArts' legendary classroom A113 appears in Monsters University

June 25, 2013

By Andrew Sims

‘Monsters University’ Easter eggs: A complete list (updated: high-res pics!)

Monsters University opened in theaters this past Friday, and those who are Pixar fanatics know that they needed to keep a close eye out for Easter eggs.

Every Pixar film has a slew of Easter eggs – from ones that appear in nearly ever Pixar movie (A113, the Luxor Ball, the Pizza Planet truck) to ones that are more rare like a character from A Bug’s Life appearing in a Toy Story movie.

Monsters University’s Easter eggs are just as clever, hidden, and a joy to catch. Below are the ones we’ve found.

- A113: You’ll see the infamous classroom number on Professor Love’s lecture hall door when Sulley first enters. A113 is a reference to a classroom at CalArts where Pixar’s Chief Creative Executive Officer John Lasseter and director Brad Bird went to school. Read More

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