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CalArts cited in review of artist Paul McCarthy’s installation at the Park Avenue Armory

June 25, 2013
Gallerist NY

By Maika Pollack

‘Paul McCarthy: WS’ at the Park Avenue Armory

It’s a strange, strange world where Paul McCarthy has enough money to do whatever he wants. Before 2013, Mr. McCarthy, Los Angeles cult artist and, more recently, auction-house favorite, had not exhibited much in New York—just an obscene animatronic sculpture here, a scatological Pinocchio video there. Now, thanks to Armory artistic director Alex Poots, Serpentine Gallery co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist, CCS Bard executive director Tom Eccles and, of course, the invisible hand of the marketplace, we are not just getting the 68-year-old Mr. McCarthy’s biggest ever installation, at the Park Avenue Armory, but also two simultaneous gallery shows at Hauser & Wirth’s uptown and downtown spaces. As one contemporary artist quipped to me, “It’s Paul-a-palooza.”

It’s true that the new multi-channel video installation “WS” is one of the dirtier art exhibitions you’ll ever see—it more than earns its NC-17 rating (no children under 17 are allowed entry). But it is in its relationship to excess and capitalism that the piece’s real shock factor lies. Read More

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