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Interview with alumnus Ravi Coltrane

June 23, 2013
What's Up Roc

By Jeff Spevak

Ravi Coltrane's taking life by the horn

Ravi Coltrane was running late for the recording session. As was the pianist. And studio time in Manhattan isn’t exactly cheap. Coltrane called his bass player and drummer and instructed them to just start recording some rhythm tracks. Something, anything. OK, they did as they were told. And when the two tardy musicians arrived, they recorded their own parts. Without even hearing what the other guys had done. A studio engineer cued up the tracks, setting one on top of the other.
Voila! A jazz tune!

“You’re looking for meaningful coincidence,” says Coltrane, admitting that some of that day’s experiments in blindfolded jazz were a little less than meaningful. “It’s supposed to not sound like garbage. It should be very natural, because you’re used to hearing these instruments playing together. You’re always looking for creative and organic ways to inspire another approach. If the material is not coming together, it clears the thought waves.” Read More.

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