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Alumnus discovered game design when LucasArts visited campus

June 21, 2013
Hero Complex (LA Times)

LucasArts vet turns to Kickstarter to revive a ‘Vampyre Story

Adventure game devotees don’t have it easy.

Though there have been signs the story-driven genre is making a comeback, as evidenced by the success of Telltale Games, Double Fine Productions and the narrative-first approach of Quantic Dream, it’s a style of game still largely confined to the outskirts of crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter.

Just ask Bill Tiller, a veteran of LucasArts, where he was a principal on games such as the Steven Spielberg-endorsed  “The Dig” and later “The Curse of Monkey Island.” Days before Kickstarting his newest project, the prequel game “A Vampyre Story: Year One,” Tiller was stressing that his decade-plus-long quest to make his “Vampyre Story” vision a reality was taking too steep of a financial toll.

“I need to start bringing in some income,” he said, noting that he’d spent weeks crafting a fully animated Kickstarter-pitch video that wasn’t going as effortlessly as hoped. Some of the jokes, said the former CalArts animation student, were falling flat, and the music still needed to be added. Read More

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