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Interview with rocker and recent graduate Mikal Cronin

June 20, 2013
Nashville Scene

By D. Patrick Rodgers

Rock 'n' roller, pop songwriter and BFA recipient Mikal Cronin knows what he's doing 

Mikal Cronin is doing a better job of adjusting to adulthood than he seems to think. On this year's excellent power-poppy garage-rock LP MCII — his second solo full-length and first for Merge Records — the 27-year-old seems plagued by ambivalence, asking questions like "Is it my fault?" and "Am I wrong?" and "Do I even know what I'm waiting for?" But for someone with so many questions, Cronin has made a singular album brimming with shimmering guitars, excellent pop hooks and consistently full arrangements.

Cronin currently lives in San Francisco, and he's frequently associated with fellow Bay Area garage-psych folks like friend and frequent collaborator Ty Segall, with whom he's toured and released multiple efforts. But here, Cronin very much stands out from the pack, his voice — despite his seeming indecisiveness — sounding like that of a pop songwriter, plain and simple. Not only that, but he also recently earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in music from CalArts, and he plays many of the instruments on MCII himself. Sounds an awful lot like a dude who knows what he's doing, right? Read More

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