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Photos and trailer from alumna Eliza Hittman's film

June 18, 2013
Empty Kingdom

By My Dark Apron

It Felt Like Love Eliza Hittman

Director / writer Eliza Hittman embarks on a bold journey through the mind of an ever-growing sexually-minded teenage girl. It Felt Like Love is a film that never shies away from the consequences of understanding love. Check out more after the jump.

More detailed tidbits can be read as follows (via Sundance FIlm Festival 2013):

“Fourteen-year-old Lila is experiencing an ennui-filled Brooklyn summer. She awkwardly wears a Kabuki-esque mask of sunscreen at the beach and plays third wheel to Chiara, her more experienced friend, and Chiara’s boyfriend, Patrick. Determined to have a love interest of her own, a bravado-filled Lila pursues Sammy, a tough but handsome older boy. Though Sammy doesn’t respond to her overtures, he doesn’t reject her either, and Lila—unable to resist spinning delusional fables of a relationship with him—manipulates herself deeper into his world. When her desperation and posturing carry her too far into unfamiliar territory, her inexperience is exposed, and she is forced to confront reality. Read More

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