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John Lasseter Recalls Favorite Pranks at Calarts at the Premiere of "Monsters University"

June 18, 2013
USA Today

By Bryan Alexander

'Monsters University' class is full of pranksters

Grover's staged death, toilet tossing — the stars at Monday night's 'Monsters University' premiere give their favorite university pranks.

During his college days John Lasseter had a thing against Grover.

The chief creative officer at Pixar and executive producer of Monsters University had his reasons: A a fellow animation student at the California Institute of Arts used to bring a Grover puppet to class and have it speak to the other students.

"It was driving us insane," Lasseter confided at the premiere of Monsters University on Monday night.

Lasseter and his fellow students finally took action, stealing the Sesame Street puppet and executing a series of pranks. Read More

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