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An Interview with Calarts alumnus and illustrator Kenard Pak about work with Disney and Dreamworks

June 6, 2013
Ape on the Moon

By Philip Dennis

A Chat with Kenard Pak About Working for Disney and Dreamworks

Cartoons and feature-length animated films would have undeniably had an early influence on the majority of people working as illustrators today in at least one form or another. The mass of colours, fantasy and story telling form a perfect vehicle for encouraging creativity at an early age. Recent years have seen a huge shift in a preference for computer generated art work from painted cells but the fundamentals are the same.

That being said, the scope of work in art and design is so varied that the animated feature industry might still seem completely foreign to someone working in editorial illustration or advertising for example.

The large production companies that dominate the industry may seem unapproachable to some. How would you go about working for Disney? What does someone working in visual development do?  

Illustrator Kenard Pak has worked for both Disney and Dreamworks so seemed like the right man to shed a little light on these questions. We ask him a few questions and take a look at some of the work he did for ‘Madagascar 3′ and some of his other great illustration work. Read More

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