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School of Dance Dean Leads Outdoor Dancing at UWM's Summerdances

June 12, 2013
Third Coast Daily

By Tom Strini

UWM Summerdances: Dancing outdoors with Stephan Koplowitz

Stephan Koplowitz looked east, to Lake Michigan, south to a splashing fountain and north to the grand North Avenue Water Tower (and before it, Tuesday evening, to the Bel Canto Chorus in front of the tower). A few sprinkles of a just-passed thunderstorm fell, though the sky above was blue.

Water, water everywhere, and it clearly charmed the Los Angeles choreographer. He had never visited Milwaukee before starting work on the capstone dance project of UWM’s nearly-over Year of the Arts. Koplowitz, the dean of dance at Cal Arts, made two site-specific pieces for UWM dance students, one to perform at the Water Tower at the east end of North Avenue and the other at the Cudahy Gardens of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Water figures prominently in Dan Kiley’s design for the garden – a stream/fountain runs straight as a string for 600 feet to bisect the gardens, which separate Lincoln Memorial Drive from the lakefront museum. Read more.

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