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Site specific piece for UWM Summerdance conceived and choreographed by School of Dance Dean Stephan Koplowitz

June 11, 2013
Express Milwaukee

Dancing on Site

UWM Summerdances transfigures two Milwaukee landmarks

At nightfall on June 13, 14 and 15, 14 dancers will perform at the base of the beautiful North Point Water Tower while digital projections animate the white stone monument's upper half and 25 voices from Bel Canto Chorus sing a wordless accompaniment written and conducted by Music Director Richard Hynson. You'll watch, free of charge, from the edge of North Avenue where it carves a small island around this historic landmark.

On the afternoons of June 14 and 15, twice as many dancers will transfigure the fountain-lined Cudahy Gardens of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Tim Russell, Milwaukee's outstanding composer for modern dance, will premiere an original score. You'll watch, free of charge, first from the sidewalk facing east with the Calatrava as the background, then from the walk bridge that connects the building with O'Donnell Park and Wisconsin Avenue, looking south onto the terraced gardens, the nearby traffic, the lake and the far horizon.

Named for the man who conceived and choreographed both works, these entirely distinct site-specific performances share the title "Stephan Koplowitz: Water Sight, Milwaukee." They represent the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Dance Department's radical rethinking of its annual "Summerdances," the recital with student dancers that caps each school year. UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences is a project partner. Water is the theme. Read More

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