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CalArts cited in article on pros and cons of filmmaking with Google Glass

One Big Barrier to Google Glass's Hollywood Career

July 30, 2013
The AtlanticWire

Google Glass is going to Hollywood in a new partnership with the USC, CalArts, RISD, UCLA and AFI film school, which sounds dandy for the creative potential of Google Glass, if only the glasses had better battery life. Google hopes that filmmakers will use the face-gadget of the future to think up new ways to capture footage. "This technology is pretty revolutionary, and a lot of people in the film world are really excited about how it could drive not just film capture but documentary filmmaking, character development, action-based storytelling and things we haven’t even come up with yet," Google's marketing director Ed Sanders told The Hollywood Reporter's Seth Abramovitch. But, Google's computer glasses aren't going to be able to record for more than the 45 minutes a Google spokesperson tells The Atlantic Wire the device can capture before recharging. (Doing just regular tasks, Glass's battery is rated for five hours.) That kind of kills the ability to film anything substantial.

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