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Alumnus Farhad Moshiri cited among leading Iranian artists

Contemporary art in Iran: A history in 8 artists

July 26, 2013
Art Radar Asia

Iran’s top contemporary artists command high prices at auction. Do you know who they are?

In the 35 years since the revolution, Iran has emerged as one of the most prolific and productive countries for contemporary art in the Arab region. As a number of exhibitions and cultural fairs are highlighting Iranian art in 2013, Art Radar spotlights eight of Iran’s best known contemporary artists.

The Asia Society in New York will host “Iran Modern” from 6 September 2013 to 5 January 2014. According to the Society’s website, the exhibition will include “100 paintings, sculpture, photography, and works on paper by the most noteworthy Iranian artists of the 1950s to 1970s” such as Siah Armajani.

The Asia Society’s exhibition focuses on Iranian modern art created during the vibrant time period before Iran’s revolution. That was then, this is now. Contemporary art is happening in post-revolution Iran, with five contemporary artists leading the field in terms of sales.

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