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School of Theater Alumnus interviewed about creation of Star Wars costumes for Comic-Con

July 25, 2013
Vanity Fair

By Julie Miller

Interview: A Comic-Con Chewbacca on His Sacrifices for Star Wars, Dating a Sith, and Almost Getting Run Over by Harrison Ford

Each year at Comic-Con, one can expect to see a number of attendees dressed as Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader circumventing the floor of the San Diego Convention Center. But it takes an especially devoted fan to don Chewbacca’s hairy costume in the July heat for the four-day-long fan festival. This year, we decided to get an insiders’ perspective on Comic-Con events and Star Wars mania from a Star Wars Society member so devoted to playing Han Solo’s first mate that he imported yak hair to complete his custom-made, to-scale costume and drives a Chewbacca-themed sedan outfitted with Millennium Falcon decals and a specially made Chewie “roar” horn.

That diehard fan is 25-year-old Christopher Petrone, a San Diego resident whose love of the George Lucas series began 20 years ago. In addition to owning his own prop-making company, Nerd Co. Creations, Petrone moonlights as the beloved Wookiee during children’s-hospital visits, parades, and other functions as part of the San Diego Star Wars Society. Before putting on his furry costume to pose with guests and their dogs at a Petco-sponsored Star Wars “Yappy Hour” on Friday, Petrone sat down with us to breathlessly discuss his passion for the iconic franchise, the sacrifices one must make to channel Chewbacca on a sometimes daily basis, and how he feels about the slutty Princess Leias strolling around Comic-Con’s Hall H. Read More

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