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Interview with composer and alumnus Pat Morgan

July 21, 2013
Open Myth Source

By Willi Paul

“Oil and Water” : Interview with Pat Moran – Music Director, Writer, San Francisco Mime Troupe 

Is there a foundation of values that set each stage for SFMT?

Yes. First of all there has to be a sense of optimism. We believe that people can make changes in the world that will affect things in a positive way. We are a collective run organization and it is important that all members of the company have an influence over the message we are putting out in our shows. We do a lot of research before and during our writing process and feel that it is important to do more than just complain about things- we look for solutions. We stand in solidarity with oppressed people world-wide and work toward a future where resources are allocated in a fair sustainable manner and people all treated with fairness and compassion.

What kind of community would you like to build with the Troupe?

We look for a future where people are treated fairly, respected, and compensated fairly for their labor, an end to exploitation of people, and a move to a sustainable culture.

Tell me about your vision and commitment of the future? what’s your part?

As an artist (writer, musician) I think that the most important role I can play is to help people believe that positive change is possible. There are other ways of doing things that are better than how we are doing them now and we can work towards them. Read More

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