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School of Film Video alumna joins Harvard faculty

July 15, 2013
Korea Times

By Kwon Ji-youn

Korean filmmaker becomes professor at Harvard

A Korean filmmaker has been appointed full-time professor at Harvard University. 

Gina Kim, a film director active in the U.S., was made professor in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University, Massachusetts, on Friday. 

Kim is known for her work not only as a director but also as a documentary filmmaker and academic. 

Her films explore issues such as gender, race, and diaspora. They also contain elements of Korean culture. 

Kim’s works include “Gina Kim’s Video Diary,” which was completed in 2002, “Never Forever” (2007); “Invisible Light” (2003); and “Faces of Seoul” (2009). “Gina Kim’s Video Diary” became one of her most noted documentaries. Read More

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