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School of Dance alumnus engages in innovative mentorship program

July 15, 2013
pLAywriting in the city

By Fanny Garcia

Women and The Art of Mentorship – The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company’s CHIME program spotlights mentorship as an essential tool in creativity

When modern choreographer Margaret Jenkins returned to her native San Francisco in 1970, she founded her own dance company.  Producing work was not her focus. Instead, she wanted to raise the quality of dance in San Francisco by mentoring others. Her teaching goals have been centered on the idea that mentorship and collaboration is at the center, not the fringes, of creativity. She also promotes the idea that this type of learning can, and possibly should, be done outside the academic environment, thus creating a less structured and restrictive atmosphere for artists. In 2004, Jenkins teaching philosophy regarding mentorship and collaboration were funneled into a program called Choreographers In Mentoring Exchange (CHIME) which was initially created to serve choreographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2008, CHIME expanded to Southern California and in 2010 CHIME Across Borders was created to foster exchange nationally and internationally. Read More.

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