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Film created by Calarts Alumni to air on PBS

July 15, 2013
LA Times

By Robert Lloyd

'Only the Young' on PBS, a tender look at a trio of teens

In the sweet, heartbreaking and highly accomplished "Only the Young," premiering Monday as part of the PBS documentary series "POV," twentysomething Cal Arts alumni Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims return to the Santa Clarita Valley to make a film about teenagers in a distressed place and time -- and the pockets of beauty and relief they find there.

The trio of Kevin, Garrison and Skye are their intertwined subjects, skateboarding, punk-rock churchgoers in Black Flag and Minor Threat T-shirts. (Kevin and Garrison are best friends; Garrison and Skye are an on-and-off couple; Kevin and Skye kissed once.) Tippet and Mims follow them through breakups and reconciliations, pledges and changes of allegiance, radical haircuts and hair colors, from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine's to graduation day. Read More

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