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Review: exhibition by alumnus and Pictures Generation artist James Welling

February 3, 2013
The Boston Globe

‘James Welling’: an interest in the interstitial

By Mark Feeney

Interstices interest James Welling. What helps define his art are
those hard-to-define spaces where things meet: visually, formally, even

Actually, the organizing principle of “James Welling: Open Space”
superimposes that last interstitial interest. The show runs at the
University Museum of Contemporary Art, at the University of
Massachusetts Amherst, through May 5.

Whereas the figurative open space is conceptual (Welling’s
unwillingness to be limited by standard artistic categories), the
literal open space is regional. The watercolors, videos, and (mostly)
photographs that make up the show — 50 pieces in all — derive from
projects Welling has done in New England between 1970 and 2010.

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