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REDCAT to host the Wooster Groups performance of Eugene O'Neill one acts

February 19, 2013
LA Stage Times

Early O’Neill Receives a Wooster Rendition at REDCAT

By Amy Tofte

As a young man, Eugene O’Neill worked as a merchant sailor along the Eastern seaboard. Inspired by languages and cultures from around the world as well as an unforgiving existence at sea, O’Neill’s canon of plays often captured authenticity of character through authentic dialect and hard-knock themes.

Nearly a century later, the experimental Wooster Group and New York City Players joined forces to develop three of O’Neill’s one-act Glencairn plays — Bound East for Cardiff (1914), The Long Voyage Home (1917), and The Moon of the Caribbees (1918). Their production of Early Plays comes to LA’s REDCAT with four performances this week.

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