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Eric Fischl's 'Dive Deep' feartures more than paintings

January 30, 2013
San Francisco Chronicle

A deep look at Fischl's painting process

By Kenneth Baker

My recollection of the 2009 survey "The Pictures Generation" at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art had it - erroneously - including Eric Fischel. But then, the show was organized by the Met's photography department, which might have considered Fischl too much a painter.

"Dive Deep: Eric Fischl and The Process of Painting" at the San Jose Museam of Art makes a case for Fischl as a painter long fascinated by social conditions that gripped "The Pictures Generation" - anxiety over the collapse of conventions and institutions, the blurring of gender and other pegs of identity and opportunism supplanting idealism, all roiled by tidal waves of mediated images.

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