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Associate Director of Character Animation captures CalArts life through photos

August 15, 2013
LA I'm Yours

Daily Life At CalArts

By Kyle Fitzpatrick

Maija Burnett is the Associate Director of Character Animation at CalArts. She’s worked on several blockbuster Hollywood films and has been teaching on subjects in and around the animated figure for years. You know what else she is? An avid photographer. She’s been chronicling her experience of CalArts by way of her Project 365, a daily observational photo diary she’s been keeping of what life at CalArts looks like.

Her photos are all taken by iPhone and, while they could have easily been done by anyone, they represent a person with a very specific eye removed from the hullaballoo of learning. As an educator, she sees the oddity and eccentricities of student life. She’s aware of things like students’ interaction with architecture, unordinary colorscapes, counter cultural pow-wows, and other strange occurrences that anyone else but a teacher would see. Her photos of the school make it seem like the ideological, artsy playground that it is. There are challenges in school but the community is obviously equivalent to a twenty first century artistic salon (at least that’s what it appears to be in the photos). Read More

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