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Going the Distance: School of Dance Dean stages site-specific performance in Metro stations

April 3, 2013
LA Stage Times

Underground Dance in Red Line Time

by Steven Sabel

Stephan Koplowitz wants to take you on a ride. The award-winning creator of more than 62 site-specific performance pieces stages his latest effort along the stations of LA Metro‘s Red Line. Red Line Time takes audiences on a journey from Union Station to North Hollywood and back, this Friday and Saturday.

“It’s a site-specific performance that involves public interaction,” says Koplowitz.

Travelers can see the performance begin at Union Station, and then board the train with the performers to follow them from stop to stop to watch as the performance changes to suit the differences in locations along the line. The performers and audience members will disembark and perform at half of the stations on the way to North Hollywood. They’ll visit the remaining stations on the return trip.

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