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School of Music alumni run performance space for experimental music and art

April 30, 2013

By Katie McMurran

Notes from the Underground: the wulf.

On a warm L.A. night, a large group has gathered in an Arts District loft to listen to Lewis Keller coax unconventional sounds from his electric guitar. To do so, he uses a variety of tools: a tuning fork, an electric fan, and a Walkman cassette player. These are just a few of the items that invoke buzzes, whirs, and crackles. The atmosphere is intimate, but not stifling. Far from it -- Keller is sitting on the floor, and the audience is loosely assembled in the open space: some sit on a comfortable couch, some in folding chairs; others stand, or sit on the floor, all seemingly absorbed by the broad range of sounds emanating from the amplifier.

This surprisingly relaxed-but-serious concert setting is par for the course at the wulf., a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting experimental music and arts. Comfort is actually part of the point. Co-founder Michael Winter explains that the wulf. is a place where people can "listen on their own terms" and also leave behind the formalities often associated with concert attendance. Arriving late? No problem. Not interested in the music and want to leave? That's okay too. Read More. 

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