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School of Art Dean Thomas Lawson interviews alumna Liz Glynn

September 6, 2012
East of Borneo

Artists at Work: Liz Glynn

I met with Liz Glynn on July 17 in her Chinatown studio to discuss the work she created for the “Made in LA” 2012 biennial at the Hammer Museum this summer. The three-part installation—with multilayered references to Egyptian pyramids, smuggling tunnels into Gaza, and other spiritual and material trade routes, legitimate and not—continues an investigation of the intersection of antiquity and the present that began with her 2008 performance, The 24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project, in which she invited people to help her build and then destroy a cardboard model of ancient Rome. Other related projects include the 2010 III, for which she built a pyramid of shipping pallets on a hilltop in East LA as the site of a series of performances, and the 2012 exhibit “No Second Troy,” which considers the parallel journeys of Trojan gold and Turkish workers to Germany.  Read interview

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