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David Alfaro Siqueiros LA mural restored—another Siqueiros mural at former site of Chouinard Art Institute remains unrestored

September 29, 2012
Los Angeles Times

David Alfaro Siqueiros' 'America Tropical' awaits new unveiling

The controversial, whitewashed mural, painted in downtown L.A. in 1932, will soon be back in the public eye.

"America Tropical" must be Los Angeles' most famous invisible artwork.

Born in drama and buried in anger, Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros' monumental mural on Olvera Street has been a cause célèbre for decades. Siqueiros was commissioned to paint the 18-by-80-foot fresco in 1932 as a decoration for a rooftop beer garden, but it disappeared behind whitewash amid a controversy over its central image: a Mexican Indian lashed to a double cross with an American eagle proudly perched above him, wings spread.  Read story

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