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CalArts' President Steven D. Lavine advocates keeping film and television production in California

September 28, 2012
Capitol Weekly

Bringing the movies back to California

When tourists visit Los Angeles, they often flock to have their photo taken with the iconic Hollywood sign in the Hollywood Hills, visit Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and hope to run into a genuine movie star as they sightsee in the City of Angels.

The little known secret these days is that the Hollywood sign looks down upon a landscape that is no longer dominated by film and television production facilities and on-location shooting.  You may have just as much luck running into a movie star in Toronto as you would in Los Feliz.  Technological advancements—combined with aggressive government programs designed to lure away production and post-production jobs away from our state—mean that filming now happens all over the United States and the world, costing California millions in jobs and tax revenue.  Read story

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