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CalArts School of Film/Video featured in a documentary on the Motion Picture Association of America's new blog 'The Credits'

October 8, 2012
The Credits

Back To Film School: On Location At CalArts

Across the country, aspiring filmmakers are hard at work honing their craft at film schools. Whether it’s learning about the cultural impact of cinema, getting a technical training education in directing or cinematography, or advancing a lifelong love of cinema, we’re celebrating film schools everywhere with a week of film school-themed content.

The Credits recently traveled to the California Institute of the Arts–one of the country’s premier arts schools located just outside of Los Angeles. Started by Walt Disney in 1961 as a destination for artists, CalArts boasts a renowned film school, with notable alumni including directors Tim Burton, John Woo, and Genndy Tartakovsky.  Read story

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