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CalArts students join Faust at REDCAT

October 22, 2012
Los Angeles Times

Review: Faust puts the art of noise to the test at REDCAT

The German 'krautrock' band transfixes a rapt audience with its art-damaged (literally) experimental grooves and an abundance of free-spirited, Dada-inspired non sequiturs.

From left: Geraldine Swayne, Amaury Cambuzat, and Zappi Diemaier of German group Faust, who performed two shows at REDCAT on Friday, Oct. 19. (Steven Gunther / October 19, 2012)

The sacrificial piano sat stage right during German band Faust's concert at REDCAT. It was a church basement clunker, a blond-wooded upright with broken-tooth keys and a chipped veneer.  Read story

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