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London gallery launches solo exhibition for Design Program alumnus

October 16, 2012

Don’t Miss: Geoff McFetridge – 'Around Us & Between Us,' Solo exhibition – Ivory & Black Soho

None of my ideas seem to come from dreams. More often they seem to come from when I am most awake. – Geoff McFetridge

Ivory & Black Soho proudly presents “Around Us & Between Us,” the first solo exhibition in London since 2005 by the Los Angeles based artist Geoff McFetridge – A multidisciplinary artist without creative boundaries who’s life work ranges from poetry to installation, painting to graphic design and many other practices in between. For his “Around Us & Between Us” exhibition, Geoff has created a series of 10 new acrylic paintings on canvas on his distinctive and reductive style, giving each different subject the same treatment and refinery. In the artist’s own words:  Read story

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Geoff McFetridge
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