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Profile of alumnus Don Cheadle

November 20, 2012
The Hollywood Reporter

Fresh from a turn in "Flight" with Denzel, the "House of Lies" star shares his love of acting -- and his collection of world-class watches.

Fresh from his Emmy nomination for Showtime's House of Lies -- in which he plays a cocksure management consultant with a wardrobe of custom Italian wool suits and Audemars Piguet timepieces -- Don Cheadle is living in a Hollywood moment uniquely his own creation. Having just wrapped his portion of Iron Man 3 in North Carolina, he's already back on the Sony lot filming the second season of House of Lies, which returns in January, and more than holds his own in Paramount's Flight. A veteran of sitcoms, TV dramas, action flicks, popcorn blockbusters, Soderbergh ensembles and Oscar-caliber message films, Cheadle is the consummate character actor who has become a star. Read Story

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