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Last night's dance event consisted of three performances: Symbiosis Mutualism; a,e,i,o,u,y; and a person I once was. To hear the dancers talk about their projects click here.

Symbiosis Mutualism

Choreographers:  Jordan Saenz, Cameron Evans, Princess Mecca Romero
Dancers:  Cameron Evans, Princess Mecca Romero
Composer:  Louis Lopez
Costume Designer: Lynne Marie Martens

Symbiosis Mutualism is based on an exploration of human interaction with horses. The bond between the two forms creates a single operational being. The process of learning about each other and developing a movement vocabulary based on the attempt to form one living organism and create a synchronized process of becoming one being. The result of the interaction is mutual clarity and peace, and the bond between the two becomes a symbol of friendship, love and partnership.  As trust and connection build, this bond grows stronger over time. 


Choreographer/dancer:  Andrew Wojtal
Music:  “Coffee Stains and Beer” by Magestic Star
Costume Designer:  Andrew Wojtal

a,e,i,o,u,y is a multilayered work that braids together different forms of physical theatre to express a singular energy through variously accrued mediums. Specifically a,e,i,o,u,y functions as a mechanism for coping or mending an area of emptiness while simultaneously functioning as a display of the age-old dichotomy between loving to live, or living to love. Through support for  the common man and woman’s entanglement in this dichotomy, a,e,i,o,u,y is an all-accommodating confession that acknowledges loss as the necessary means of understanding gain.

a person I once was

Choreography: Rachel Boyajian

Dancers: Cameron Evans, Princess Mecca Romero and Andrew Wojtal
Original Music Composition: Louis Lopez
Costume Design: Silvanne Park
Lighting Design: Nick Percell

Through a distinct choreographic language and keen sense of invention, a person I once was explores the fragility of human cognition and acuity. Featuring three dancers and original music by Louis Lopez, a person I once was is a new work created by Rachel Boyajian.


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