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Alumni Benefits

CalArts alumni are eligible for a number of benefits and special offerings, which we will update for you here. Former students who have completed at least two semesters at CalArts are considered alumni of the Institute. 

23% off Alumni discount on GYST software

GYST, an artist-run company for artists founded by Karen Atkinson (Art BFA 84, Art School faculty), is pleased to offer CalArts students, faculty and alumni its GYST 3.0 software program and artist manual for 23% off the retail price. Just enter the discount code: CPNCIA0701. That means you can get the GYST software for only $99, a $30 discount, if you order online. Developed for visual artists, this database program helps artists keep track of their artwork, costs, tax information, proposals, mailing lists, etc.

CalArts Jazz CD Archive

To celebrate the release of its 20th annual CD, the Jazz Program has launched a new web site where alumni can access the Program's complete archive of recordings from the last 20 years for free. Since 1990, the annual recording of new, innovative work by CalArts students, produced by Capitol/EMI, has become an anticipated event and an established model for other projects like it around the world. Learn more here.

Library Privileges

CalArts alumni are eligible for library borrowing privileges for a one-time fee of $100. To apply, please visit the Alumni Relations office to complete the application. For more information on Libary resources and policies, please visit their site

Information on CalArts Film Services are available here. Details onf reference requests, viewing materials and reproducing materials in CalArts Library are available online as well.

Lifelong E-mail

CalArts students and alumni can utilize their CalArts email account for as long as they wish to use it.  Some of our students who were on campus before the proliferation of email may need their account to be created, otherwise a simple password reset may be all that's necessary.  To confirm your alumni status please fill out the form below so we can create your account or send you a new password!

Please fill out the Alumni Email Request form. Once completed, a ticket will be submitted on your behalf.  We will match your information with our records and you'll be on your way to your @alum.calarts.edu account in no time!

Discount REDCAT Memberships

CalArts alumni are eligible for a 20% ($40) discount on REDCAT individual memberships which are normally $50. Artist membership includes:

  • Up to 20% off ticket purchases (up to 2 tickets for each event)
  • 10% discount on REDCAT merchandise and catalogues
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Recognition in select printed & web materials
  • Invitations to Gallery opening night receptions
  • 1 membership card

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You can submit your written request for a CalArts transcript in-person, by mail or fax. You may only email your request if you have the ability to scan your signature. Send to Kim Strickland at strickld@calarts.edu    

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