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Graphic Design Requirements

The faculty is interested in what motivates or inspires each individual applicant, and looks for evidence of this in both the portfolio and the artist statement.


BFA and MFA Artist Statement

In your statement, please write specifically about your interest and knowledge of graphic design. Describe your design projects, any design related experience(s) you have had and your future design goals. When applying, this statement should be submitted with both your online application and your online portfolio.

BFA Portfolio Requirements

Submit a portfolio of your current work with a minimum of 20 pieces. Please include examples of the following: graphic design, typography, illustration, motion graphics, web design, photography, and conceptual drawing (examples of conceptual thinking). You may also include drawing, painting, sketchbook pages and collage. Your portfolio should consist of: class assignments, self-initiated projects, and/or professional work. Please select work that shows your proficiency with both digital software and traditional art making materials.

The following project is optional but highly recommended for applicants who lack examples of graphic design in their portfolio.

Optional Graphic Design Project

MFA Portfolio Requirements

Submit a portfolio of your current design work with a minimum of 20 pieces. Your artist statement should concisely address your objectives and goals as a designer in the context of current issues in design practice, as well as how these goals serve as a basis for graduate-level study. 

Letters of Recommendation

BFA and MFA applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation. We recommend that you submit the requests for your letters of recommendation through the online application, as it will allow you to track when the letters are submitted.  However, if this is not possible, you may also download the Letter of Recommendation Form (pdf) and have your recommender send their letter by mail. Please choose only one method - either online or by mail - per recommender.

Online Portfolio Submissions

Please use our online portfolio system to upload your portfolio with digital files. The system allows you to create a corresponding inventory of works, listing for each image the following information: title, date, medium, dimensions and notes. You may upload still images or video works.

Once your portfolio is uploaded, it can be viewed and rearranged until the final submission is made. No changes can be made following the final submission of your portfolio. Please be advised that CalArts is not able to view your work until the final submission is made and your payment is received. Be sure to submit your portfolio to the correct degree level and program. If you experience technical difficulties while uploading your portfolio, you may send an e-mail to support@slideroom.com for technical assistance.

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