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Application Deadlines

Fall 2016 Application Deadline

  • Regular Deadline - Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Applying for admissions and financial aid are separate processes. To be considered for federal financial aid or CalArts scholarships, please complete the financial aid process outlined on the financial aid pageDo not wait to learn of your admissions decision to apply for financial aid as the financial aid application deadline (February 15) is before our admissions notification period (March and April).

Fall Application fees:

Applications meeting the Regular Deadline of January 5, 2016:

  • $70 for each domestic application
  • $85 for each international application

Please note this is a received by deadline, not a postmarked deadline. After January 5, 2016 we will continue to receive applications on a rolling basis until programs close. 

Students applying online may submit their fee with a credit card or send a check or money order after submission. Applications received without payment will not be processed. Fee waivers must be submitted in writing (with the student's full legal name), and may be sent after applying online. CalArts will accept the standard College Board fee waiver, or a letter from a high school/transfer counselor who can verify family financial hardship. Fee waivers are not granted to MFA applicants and international applicants.

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