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Research & Practice Fellowship Program

The Research & Practice Fellowship Program provides opportunities for students to develop the artistic, intellectual, and practice-based tools that will enable them to chart their own path to success through directed, one-on-one learning experiences with renowned faculty. The program simultaneously provides faculty members with student fellows to support their projects, allowing faculty members to focus on their own artistic work while introducing future artists to the structure of life in the arts.

About the Program

The Research & Practice Fellowship Program is an 8-week intensive summer program will challenge student fellows to see how the work of the fellowship might impact their own creative practice. Duties will vary by discipline and specific project, but are substantive activites related to the research, development, execution, or dissemination of the faculty member's project. In addition to tangible involvement in the creation of the project, these tasks may include writing for permissions, library research, manuscript preparation, conducting interviews, studio prep work, exhibition prep work, assistance with performance-based practices, etc. Student fellows will also be included in the conceptual work of the project. 

Learning Goals and Outcomes

Supporting CalArts’ institute values that recognize student as artists, focus on process over product, and provide opportunities to learn by doing, the Research & Practice Fellowship Program is designed to engender the following learning outcomes:

  1. The student fellow will be able to apply disciplinary-specific skills, concepts, terminology, and/or frameworks learned in coursework to accomplish fellowship tasks in productive ways that benefit the project;
  2. The student fellow will be able to describe how the fellowship experience enhances understanding of the demands of being a professional working artist;
  3. The student fellow will be able to analyze how working one-on-one with an established artist in the development of a creative project translates to their vision of their own practice moving forward;
  4. The student fellow will be able to develop skills in effective oral and written communication, time management, project management, working to deadlines, and fulfilling tasks set by faculty member throughout the fellowship. 

Information for Students

For information for current CalArts students, click here.

Summer 2016 Projects

Project Listings.


For more information or questions about the Research & Practice Fellowship, contact:

Brian Harlan, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Bree Howard, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

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