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Graduate Concentrations & Specializations

CalArts offers graduate concentrations and specializations within certain programs that allow students to delve deeper into their degree area.

Integrated Media

Integrated Media (IM) is a supplemental concentration offered by many MFA programs at CalArts. It is designed specifically for advanced students whose creative use of technology--in particular digital media--goes beyond their primary areas of study, or m├ętiers, in art, dance, film/video, music, theater and writing. The Center for Integrated Media supports all IM students across CalArts by enabling them to apply new technologies and integrate multiple media and disciplines into new forms of expression.

Program-Specific Concentrations

Motion Graphics
The MFA Program in Graphic Design offers a specialization in
Motion Graphics exists as a separate track within the Graphic Design program, drawing on elective classes from both the Graphic Design and Film and Animation programs.

Creative Writing Concentrations
The MFA Creative Writing Programs offers concentrations in Image + Text, Writing and Performativity, Writing and Its Publics, and Documentary Strategies that are designed to help carve a pathway through the Institute for students wishing to broaden their
perspective on writing through elective courses in other areas.

Collaborative Keyboard
The MFA Piano/Keyboard Program offers a specialization in Collaborative Keyboard that prepares advanced students for careers in various collaborative keyboard disciplines through a course of study that concentrates on multiple aspects of collaborative performance, including work in vocal and instrumental chamber music, conducted ensembles and opera, while also refining repertoire knowledge and language facility.

Experimental Sound Practices
The MFA Composition Program offers a specialization in Experimental Sound Practices for musicians, composers, and sound artists with a strong musical background who want to explore the more radical branches of contemporary sound.

Applied Design for Performance
The MFA Applied Design for Performance Program offers a specialization in Applied Design that covers all areas of advanced industry practice - from scenic art and drawing techniques to digital rendering and CAD. 

Video for Performance
The MFA Scene Design Program offers a specialization in Video for Performance that trains visionary artists in the creation of interactive tools and moving imagery for live and time-based artwork.

The Management Specialization in Producing trains a new generation of producers who have highly developed aesthetics; who can recognize and champion original and important work and envision models for its performance; and who can invent new ways for supporting such work.

Production Management
The Management Specialization in Production Management focuses on the development of skills necessary for managing people, resources and time in a variety of creative environments, where leadership and versatility must be combined with a broad knowledge of design and production issues.

Stage Management
The Management Specialization in Stage Management emphasizes stage management for theater, and eventually widens its scope to encompass other arts and performance disciplines.

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