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This special issue of CalArts focuses on the impact of the Campaign for CalArts.

Winter/Spring 2008

The third issue (Winter/Spring 2008) of CalArts featured the 2006-07 Annual report in addition to an indepth interview with Steve Anker, School of Film/Video Dean along with faculty member Berenice Reynaud who curate the Jack H. Skirball Series at REDCAT. This flagship film and video program serves exclusively as a platform for alternative film and video—and a forum for dialogue across boundaries. Additionally, there was an update on the Wild Beast construction project and details from the October 2007 groundbreaking event.

Read "The Birth of the Beast" here.

Summer/Fall 2007

The second issue (Summer/Fall 2007) of CalArts featured a two-part story on Feminist art, which first captured public attention in the early 1970s—in no small measure because of the Feminist Art Program at CalArts. Writer and critic Carey Lovelace, a poetry student here at the time, looks back at the birth of a movement that transformed both the ways in which female artists understood who they were, and the significance of what they created. In the second part, critical studies faculty member Christine Wertheim untangles the complex—especially those concerning language—surrounding feminism’s continuing role in contemporary art discourse.

Another feature, an essay contributed by CalArts Trustee Manuel Castells, addressed the importance of the arts in our increasingly interconnected geo-political environment. Castells' insights—and his pride in the fact that CalArts stands at the forefront of American art colleges and universities in international initiatives and programs—speak to one of the Institute’s core values, namely that our students embrace their roles as socially responsible artist/citizens.

Read Manuel Castells' essay here.

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