We don't want this song to end

We don't want this song to end

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Mona Benyamin, Razan Al Salah, and others

What is more unsettling to an occupier than an occupied people’s relentless imagining of potential futures? 

Among the violence that manifests itself in events documented, circulated, and reiterated by the media, there is another form of aggression in Palestine. It lies outside time, in nonevents designed to fester angst, powerlessness, and eventually invisibility. The subversive acts featured in this shorts program by Mona Benyamin, Razan Al Salah, and others—curated by Zaina Bseiso—consider the power of humor, performance, imagination, and ultimately hope in the strive for liberation.

Mona Benyamin’s Moonscape (2020) pulls viewers down a surrealist rabbit hole, where colonizing outer space appears both outrageous and reasonable as a possible escape from the real constraints of everyday oppression.


Curated by Zaina Bseiso. The Jack H. Skirball Series is organized by Bérénice Reynaud and Eduardo Thomas.