Rommel Herve

Rommel Herve

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School of Music Visiting Artist

Sculptor, sound artist, essayist, and director of Qaliticum_lcs. He completed a master's degree in contemporary art, studied philosophy, spiritual theology, and literary creation workshops. Rommel is a professor at the University of the Arts of Caracas, in the areas of Sculpture and Sound Art. He investigates sound as a matter between disciplines as visual, sonorous, literary, and reflexive through the creation of an artistic language, the Qalitic.

He has developed his work between Venezuela (University of the Arts, MAC Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Los Galpones Art Center) and Mexico: (Cmmas, Universidad del Claustro, Museo Exteresa, Museo de Hacienda). He has presented his research and publication in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, the United States and Uruguay.