Timeline and Archive

Project Timeline 

  • Discovery

    In October 2018, CalArts embarked on its ambitious Strategic Visioning Project. The initial phase engaged the entire CalArts community in a dialogue about its past and present — and what the Institute’s trajectory might look like for the next 50-years.

  • Investigation

    In September 2019, CalArts released the Opportunity Assessment Report, which is a future-focused, insight-driven summary of the greatest opportunities for CalArts as well as the potential challenges facing the Institute today.

  • Visioning

    In January 2020, after several months of thoughtful debate and discussion with the entire community, CalArts unveiled its new mission statement. The new mission guided the development of the strategic framework.

  • Shaping CalArts Future

    In March 2021, after a disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, CalArts unveiled its online strategic framework that lists immediate goals, objectives, and tactics of an actionable plan for the next 5 to 10 years.

Document Archive

Here are key documents from Shaping CalArts Future, from its strategic visioning phase to its framework and beyond. Other documents are available to the CalArts community on The Hub (login required).