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We Are Here Survey

Beatriz Cortez, Patricia Gonzalez, Douglas Kearney, Leslie Tamaribuchi, Interim Co-Directors of Equity and Diversity at CalArts have designed the following survey (WE ARE HERE) for the CalArts community.

The survey's responses will help develop a map of CalArts resources that will aid the Equity and Diversity Committee in finding, supporting and connecting community members and resources to each other. All students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to participate in co-creating WE ARE HERE, a CalArts Equity and Diversity Resource Map.

From the Interim Co-directors:

Working with a committee composed of stakeholders across the Institute, we believe it is our shared responsibility to identify resources within CalArts that support an inclusive, just, and sustainable community. For example, you might consider the people, organizations, programs, spaces, curricula, etc. that activate equity and diversity at CalArts. Be sure to include your own projects and work.

WE ARE HERE will be an ongoing community project:

  • to make visible our current and new diversity projects, activities, and assets
  • to orient students, faculty, and staff
  • to engage additional support and identify needs

Complete one survey for each resource. Complete as many surveys as you like. For more information, please contact the Equity and Diversity Committee at equityanddiversity@calarts.edu.

Take the survey

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