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Tuesday's Election and CalArts

A message to the CalArts community from President Steven D. Lavine

In light of Tuesday's election results, I would like to reiterate that CalArts is proud of being a diverse and welcoming place for all people. Diversity of human experience and identity is a core value of CalArts. We are committed to supporting all members of our community and to honoring the Institute’s values. As our mission statement makes clear, CalArts "teaches artists to develop the skills and personal drive to reach their creative potential, question received ideas, and expand forms of knowledge and experience in the world. CalArts challenges artists to create work that matters globally to the state of culture today and in the future."

The Institute will continue to fulfill this important mission and protect the core values that this community holds so dear. I have always been proud of what CalArts stands for, and I know our community represents its values with such passion and commitment that they often serve as inspiration for other artists in our state and across the country. I am confident the CalArts community will continue to lead the way in that regard.

Steven D. Lavine

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